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You are a little square breaking his chains and trying to escape the devilish dungeon.

Your only hope of survival is to hang in there as long as you can, using those same chains.

Grapple your way through the obstacles and defy gravity constantly pulling you down.

Swing to gain momentum when you are attached to a block, and deploy the anchor to the next block before you fall down : there is no ground.

You don't gain enough momentum : game over !
You are not precise enough and miss the next block : game over !
your fingers tire and release the touch before the right moment : game over !

you hang in there too long and the death spikes catch you : game over !

But nothing is impossible for the little hero !

With enough practice, your skills become your best weapon against the adversity and ever increasing challenges.

A challenging free to play game for all ages, ideal for short gameplay sessions, and frequent updates to come.

With a unique take on popular genres :


first version features :

* Scores, high scores.
* Google Play games leaderboards.
* Facebook score sharing.
* Random obstacles : every play session is different each time you play !

And more challenges and features to come in the next updates !

This app is respectful of your privacy :

* Internet connection is only requested for ads display and social networks/game center score sharing in the game over screen.

Have Fun and thank you for playing :)

This game is made by one man, based in a one man shop in Casablanca, Morocco.
With the help of the awesome Indie community providing free assets for your enjoyment.

If you like this tiny game, please take a moment to rate and review it.

It is 1000% pure Indie :)

Thank you !

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Install instructions

Available on Android 2.3+ devices only.


HangThere.apk 28 MB